Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to woo your wife

I was going to title this post "Lovemaking for Dummies," but I was worried that I would get flagged. Not everyone has read Jane Austin, you know. Today is my birthday. I woke up and went into the shower. Taped on the faucet handle was a note telling me to look in the top bathroom door before I turned on the shower. I was thinking in my head, "Oh honey. You are so cute! I love it when you do little treasure hunts for me!" I looked in the drawer and there was a bag of chocolate with another clue to look in the microwave after my shower. I did, and there is ANOTHER bag of candies with a note. I continued to follow this treasure hunt, each time finding another present for my birthday! It was awesome! I got 3 satchels of chocolate (you can never, never have too much chocolate), my favorite chips, a pearl necklace Julie & Julia style, an ipod holder that I had casually mentioned to Rex that I really wanted and he happened to remember and buy for me, AND a coupon book!

Now the coupons are really good. My favorites are: Please wash the dishes for your lovely wifey, Take the kids out so I can get some alone time, Date to Wal-Mart (ooh, baby!), and Scrambled Eggs a la Rex.

Needless to say, this was the BEST treasure hunt that I've ever had. My husband is the best man in the entire world and he really knows how to make a birthday awesome! Rookies, take note!


Grandmary said...

Waaaaay Cool! Rex is a genius. Happy birthday!

Alicia said...


Ginger said...

2nd: I agree, one can NEVER have too much chocolate.
3rd: Could you please share your enthusiasm about this with my children in hopes that they, too, will make a special day for me?

Dorothy said...

Rex is so much fun! You are one lucky birthday girl.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday!

What a great husband too!

Dill Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I also love the fact that Rex got you the bags of chips with "15% more free"!!!! Heck yeah!