Monday, January 25, 2010


We got about 9 inches last weekend. Even the baby got bundled up to play this time. I love these snow shots. The white backgroud is lovely. But, it's ok if it melts now...


Lefty said...

We have a lot of snow. A lot. Of snow. It won't melt. Not for a while. A while = at least April. Pray for me.

..hee-hee. actually i love the snow and think it is beautiful. but it is slippery. and i'm starting to get anxious for green things. green things need sun and warmth and not snow. at least, around here they do.

note to self: in new home, plant evergreens.

Dill Family said...

If I stop by next Monday the 15th... will you offer me fresh apple pie? hummmmm?????