Sunday, January 10, 2010

17 lbs in 2009

2009 was my year in weight loss. I lost 17 lbs! I now can turn to back up out of the driveway without my lovehandles blocking me. (It's the little things in life that are so great). So, I have thought a LOT about weight loss this past year and think I have a surefire formula:

1. Nurse a baby. Don't laugh. This is really important if you're serious about weight loss. It burns 400 extra calories a day, which is like running 4 miles! Sorry men, you are out of luck on this one.
2. Quit your job. This is also very important because it's a part-time job losing weight. Figure in about 2-3 hours per day exercising (well, not all of it exercising, but bundling up children and traveling to the gym, working out, and then showering) and then 2 hours a day cooking nutritious food.
3. Live 7 minutes from the YMCA. The YMCA is my favorite place because they watch my children for free while I work out. It is an amazing santuary. Even if I didn't want to really exercise one day, I certainly wanted a break from the kids (just a short break--I do love them so), and I went to the gym. If you need to move to get closer to the Y, do it!
4. Starve. This was probably the most difficult part. It's kind of amazing that we are so blessed that we don't actually have to worry about getting enough food to eat. I think I would rather be overfed than underfed, wouldn't you? So choosing to starve is really hard. Nearly impossible. And it makes for a cranky mother. Approach step #4 with caution.

There you go! Each of those steps are essential, so if you are missing even one...please do not start. Give up now! Supermodels aren't happy anyway...they just look happy. Really they are starving people that just want to eat more chocolate bon bons.

Here's to 2010!


Alicia said...

Good for you Heather!!! I am SO wanting to lose some weight, want to get my "pre-baby" body back! We don't live close to the Y, but we do live close to another gym...I wonder if they would watch the kids for free??? I wonder if my kids would even let me leave to workout??? :) Seriously though, awesome job!!!

Paige said...

Good job! I don't need to worry about losing weight right now, but I should still be doing a better job at being healthy...which I'm not.
Anyhow, congrats.

Ginger said...

Your post had me confused for just a moment. I thought that perhaps you were going to tell us that you only weighed 17 pounds! Great job!

Melanie said...

Good job!

I thought you looked pretty fantastic pregnant and just after your baby though . . . so I can't even imagine how much better you look.

Did you really only have 17 lbs to lose after Brady? Please tell me you didn't . . . life would be so unfair. ;)

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Thanks guys! No, had 17 lbs to lose after the the initial baby weight came off and I started to plateau. I still have a few pounds to go...I need to start nursing another baby!

Grandmary said...

17 pounds? You look like you lost about 25 lbs! (Not that you needed to. I thought you already looked great.)

Dorothy said...

wow Heather! congratulations!

Dill Family said...

LOVE the nursing!!!!!