Thursday, January 7, 2010

5-minute chocolate cake!

Just for fun today while Rachel is at school and Brady is taking a nap, Tyler and I made chocolate cake in a mug. It only took 5 minutes to make an then I inverted it onto a plate for Tyler to enjoy. We added a candle and sang Happy Birthday just for fun! He made me light the candle and sing twice.

Later today...we're having an Easter egg hunt! Tyler and I filled plastic Easter eggs with clearance Christmas M&Ms and the kids will be searching for them this afternoon after they practice the piano. Yes, we have our holidays all mixed up, but bribes are good all year long!


Lefty said...

I did that one, too. It tastes decent for five minutes--not fantastic for cake--but good for a quick fix. and such a fun thing to do with your children. you are such a fun mom, Heather.

Dill Family said...

i have NONE of these things yet... (I think I gave them all to you lol) can I come over and borrow:)