Wednesday, July 22, 2009

16 lbs of strawberries=freezer jam

Not quite as romantic as growing and picking them myself: I just picked them up at Costco. And truly, I could get more for less money by just buying Costco's jam, too. But, freezer jam tastes better! And I feel like a pioneer! (No snide comments that pioneers didn't have freezers. It's a moot point. They had jam, didn't they?) Here it comes!

My super smashers!

A little pectin and sugar and that's it! No cooking! Just pour it in the containers! Minimally processed means maximal taste! (and minimal work)

My baby assisted in the jam making process too! Thank you!

Ahhh...sweet reward!


M said...

Yeah Team!!!!!! Looks really yummy.

lefty said...

I'm making raspberry jam tomorrow. but cooked, not frozen. we don't have the freezer space and i like cooked raspberry better. though freezer strawberry is the best! go you!

any hospital administrator jobs in Montana?

Sarah said...

Where'd you get the giant-sized jars? I've never seen those here.

Julie said...

I love freezer jam! we've had it for so long, I can't go back to the canned stuff. We miss you!