Sunday, May 17, 2009

T-ball with Tyler

Tyler's first T-ball practice was yesterday. He was so proud! The kids batted, practiced catching, and had a good time! Before things got started he told us, "When I get done with this, I want to go to the playground." Kids are still kids! I bet when he's in the big league, he will still want to go swing and slide after practice.

The parents were required to participate, and Rex was a great coach to him. Tyler never wanted to part with his bat, even when it was time to catch. He cried a couple times playing catch when the ball got dirty, although his face was dirty the entire time.
One part of catch was pretty exciting. When Rex threw the ball to Tyler, Tyler threw the glove at the same time and oddly enough, the ball went right into the glove and when the glove hit the ground...the ball was still inside! I think that will be his signature play when he's older.

This is Tyler's first batting practice. You can't see it in the video, but the ball actually went 425 feet! I think we'll see some scouts out here next week.


M said...

Wow! Way to go Tyler!!!!!

I notice it is sunny and Rachel is wearing shorts! We have not had anything like that yet here!

Alice said...

I do believe your life is perfect!