Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rachel's mother day gift

Last night I told Rachel that tomorrow was Sunday. She said, "Tomorrow is Mother's Day? When we give our mother's presents?"
I don't know how she knew about this, but I said yes. And she said "I'm going to give you a present. Presents need to be wrapped!"
And then I heard a lot of commotion from her room: dumping out her backpack, sorting through her treasures, ripping.
And this is what I was greeted with this morning. She woke up early and was SO EXCITED to give me her present.
This gift was wrapped in a page from a magazine and taped with band-aids. I thought it was very clever.

And this was inside! It is an assortment of things that have ended up in her treasure collection. She must really love me to part with some of these things: her coveted butterfly hair clip, a reindeer pin, 2 lovely bracelets (one which was mine to begin with, thanks to Grandma Ann), a gold ring, and her prized lotion that Grandma Mary gave her for Christmas.
It was a fantastic Mother's Day gift!


Ginger said...

Rachel--you are so AWESOME to remember your Mom on Mother's Day! I super-duper LOVE your wrapping job! You are so sweet!

M said...

What a sweet, generous and inventive genius!!!!! (I'm talking about Rachel but of course it applies to you too, Heather)

Sarah said...

So cute!

lefty said...

so cute.