Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweet hike pics

Because we are such an outdoorsy family, we went on a hike today! It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the kids hiked the whole way. Even Brady! This is our family after we have hiked to a beautiful waterfall. You can't see if from this angle, so you will have to use your imagination!
This is Rex and the kids climbing on rocks right next to a HUGE waterfall! No, we didn't let them get close.

Brady loved that clean mountain dirt!
Aside: on the way home we saw over 40 deer along the road. They seemed to be raising them down in Nye, Montana. After seeing our 36th deer I commented, "Wow, there is a whole flock of them!"
Rex replied, "Deer don't come in's a swarm!"
I love my husband! He also generously called out to them from the window, "Watch out for Ken Ard!" (Our neighbor/supplier of deer burger)


M said...

Wow! Cool photos although I will have to admit that photo #2 is kind of freaking me out. They look like they are right on the edge of a cliff!!!! Other than that you all look like true Montana-ites.

M said...

Deer come in herds. So do flavors of ice cream. So you could have a herd of chocolate chip mint ice cream containers in your freezer - if you were lucky.

lefty said...

A little birdie (named Carol) mentioned you will be coming in town soon for a wedding (of a man whom I thought was surely only seven years old, still)--is it just for the weekend? Any chance you'll have some time for our little family? Come for dinner maybe?

Anonymous said...

You got a chuckle out of Ken from that one. He likes to be thought of as a deer slayer. Yes, he is a true Montanan hunter. TA

Anonymous said...

Okay, I looked at your blog, now you have to look at the pictures on facebook. Anonymous, that's my name. Ha ha. TA