Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crawling, cupcakes, and beads

The kids first did this craft (stringing beads on pipe cleaners) at the YMCA, so we tried it at home! It's great fun! Bracelets galore!

I found these large sprinkles on clearance. They looked like too much fun to resist. The kids liked topping the cupcakes...and eating them. Here is a close-up of the cupcakes. They probably look more appetizing without a messy (but happy) face next to them.

Brady began officially crawling two days ago. I tried to catch it on camera this morning, but poor Brady was foiled in his efforts by a helpful brother.

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Paige said...

Those are really fun looking sprinkles. Fun that Brady is should come back for a visit & we can let the rug rats go wild together.