Friday, January 9, 2009

My children eat Vegetables: the Proof!

Never mind the fact I fed them ice cream for breakfast, look at my little chipmunks (and neighbor) gobbling down peas! Just plain peas from the freezer! And to top this off, this was their third helping! They kept begging for more. It was so shocking and incredible, I had to videotape it just to prove what an amazing mother I must be.

This is unrelated to vegetables, but it's just a cute photo of Tyler holding his baby brother.


M said...

I LOVE the video! How funny. Tyler and Brady look so sweet and Tyler looks so much older. Your now chocolate box header is a diet killer! I am running to my See's stash right now.

Dill Family said...

You ARE super Mom!
B is getting SO big, I need to get my butt over to your house and "eat peas" before I leave next weekend!

Julie said...

hey heather, i'm so excited you guys have a blog! I do too which I update regularly it's however it's if you would like an invitation to it..send me an e-mail at I'm excited so I can get updates on your family


Paige said...

What cuties! I can't believe how old R is getting!