Thursday, December 25, 2008

The reluctant princess

There are a lot of neighbor little boys to play with around here, but no girls. Rachel frequently has to play "super heros" with the boys, but she loves princess stuff. So, when grandma gave her a new pink princess dress for Christmas, she was so excited to play princess dress-up. Tyler was the only playmate around. She briefly talked him into wearing a princess dress, "Tyler, it's BLUE!" but it didn't last long. Captured above is Rachel (very excited) and Tyler (less than thrilled). Now they are back to playing race cars.


lefty said...

awh. if you drove over here and came to my home (you are, of course, invited) Rachel could get her intake of princess with my princesses. i don't think my girls know how to play super hero or cars (though i offer cars and other "boy" things to them, as well)...maybe we'll have a boy next. (no. i'm not making an announcement--hopefully this time next year i will.)

M said...

Those expressions really are priceless!

Shannon Farmer said...

That's a nice blackmail photo right there! I love it. Eli is really into flying so I got these black butterfly wings for christmas. I thought THAT might be a little too feminine, but a princess dress??