Sunday, November 30, 2008

The thrill of the HUNT

Author's note: Some people find hunting terribly offensive. For those of you, I apologize. But, when in Montana, do as the Montanans. So, we bought a permit yesterday and went to hunt wild Christmas trees in the forest. Although some people consider this barbaric, we just think of it as "thinning the herd." Pictured above are Rachel and Tyler ready for the action. We have smeared sap on them from female wild Christmas trees to disguise their scent.
We have cornered an unsuspecting tree and are about to make the "kill."

Rex's 22 didn't do much against this wiley tree, so he ripped it out of the ground with his bare hands!

We have our 68 point tree and are ready to take it home to mount it.

Rachel and Tyler have donned elf hats and stockings to dress the wild tree in preparation for our Christmas festivities. Note: if you notice that Tyler is actually wearing Brady's nightgown (size 0-3 months) it's because he fell through some ice into the river after the previous photo was taken and we were scrambling for dry clothes. But, we decided that it's a muscle shirt on Tyler and makes him look especially tough. Other wild Christmas trees were fleeing at the sight of him.
Merry Christmas!


M said...

What a crack-up!!!!!! I love the photos.

Melanie said...

Cute write up! What a fun way to write up Christmas tree decorating.

Shannon Farmer said...

I loved those pictures! We love the thrill of the hunt also. There's just nothing like the perfect Christmas tree.

Paige said...

You are too funny! Sounds like you've switched over to the wild side!