Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ode to Superman

Sorry for getting all gushy, but I have to husband is a stud.
This is why: Rex works 8-5 everyday without lunch. He usually has to stay late and is on-call all the time. He has to go in on weekends and holidays. Frequently he has to drive 2 hours each way to the Bozemen office to work his 9 hour day. Picture him getting up at 5:00 and not getting home until 7:30 at night. This is just to show how hard he works at his job.

Now, you would think he would just goof off when he gets home, right? Hardly! He starts playing with the kids and holds the baby. If he gets called into the hospital for a quick fitting, he will take the kids with him! The nurses and patients love to see the children, and it gives mom some time off. Then when he gets home, he will play baseball or monster truck games with them. At bedtime, he gets the kids ready for bed and will tell them stories. The kids love it! It's so sweet to walk by the door and see Rex laying on the floor of their room laughing and telling funny stories as they fall asleep!

I love how Rex wants to spend so much time being a dad and playing with them. One Saturday we were running errands and we drove by a school with a little basketball hoop. Later that day, he took the kids back to the school so the kids could dunk on a short hoop! Rex is the "spontaneous fun" king!

Not only is Rex a super Dad, he is an awesome husband. When he leaves early in the morning for work, I am still sleeping in bed. I've asked if he wants me to get up and make him breakfast, but he says, "No, I just want you to sleep-in" and he eats cold cereal. When he gets home at night, he never expects dinner to be ready. When it's not, he will help make dinner or find something to eat himself. Last week, he came home after a long day and asked if I needed any help. He then cooked dinner for us! (That's after a 9 hour day with no lunch!)

Anyway, I have to apologize to all you with mere mortal husbands.
I am married to Superman.


M said...

True, true, I agree. He is super.

Cheryloxx said...

What a delightful post...makes me all veklempt!

Anonymous said...

wow I thought married people became boring, guess you are an exception for now... just kidding