Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why I love Google

I don't have a smart phone. But who needs it when you can text Google! I just learned about this feature a few weeks ago and want to tell everyone how cool it is!

Do you need to know the address and phone number of your local Office Depot and don't have a phone book? No problem! Text GOOGLE (466453) this message "Office Depot Billings MT" and in 5 seconds I get a free text back telling me the two local listings with addresses and phone numbers. Sweet!

Are you lost in a new city? Do you need driving directions? Text GOOGLE this message, "Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago IL to Wrigley Field Chicago IL" and in a few seconds, Google sends me step by step driving directions. If you have exact addresses, that works, too!

Do you just want to know the weather in Seattle? Text GOOGLE this message, "weather seattle" and they will instantly text you back the current weather, as well as the weather for the next 2 days!

But wait! There's more! Look up flights, translate English to German, and get stock quotes (if you still have them)! Learn about all the other stuff Google will text you:

Google, this is true love.


Daniel and Laura said...

It also works for currency conversions (10 dollars in euros), other types of conversions (1 cup in milliliters, 209 kilometers in miles), flights (alaska flight 531), and calculations (two hundred thousand divided by 155).

Daniel and Laura said...

I forgot: definitions. text d and then the word (d ennui) and it will send you the definition.

Paige said...

Sounds great...but what if you don't text?!