Saturday, May 8, 2010


Tyler had a doctors appointment this week to get his cast off. Rex told me that he wouldn't be doing any more x-rays, but if Tyler would give a high five with his broken arm without any hesitancy, the cast could come off. Then Rex mentioned half-jokingly, "I should just cut it off myself at work." My financial wheels started turning. No new x-rays? Just going to the doctor to get the cast off? I could save that money by having my husband cut it off? Well! I went over to Tyler and asked for a high five and boom! No problem! So, I cancelled the appointment and we went to Rex's work. Here we are AMA (Against Medical Advice) or doing things against the medical norm.

Tyler is quite apprehensive about the cast saw, even though Rex put it straight on his own skin to show it wouldn't cut him.

Cutting both sides of the cast. Rex has done this a plethora of times.

Off with the padding!

Tyler is happy to have it off! But, it is so much fun to watch him act as if the cast were still on. He still holds it at the same angle out of habit and when he ran, he held that arm in front of him still and pumped the other arm at his side. Silly guy!


Paige said...

Hooray for handy husbands!

Dill Family said...

Crazy how fast they heal! Does Daddy have to make him a splint too?