Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I Like about Rex

1. His wonderful smile
2. His good sense of humor
3. He doesn't stink
4. He thinks I'm pretty
5. He writes love notes to me
6. He doesn't criticize me
7. He is athletic
8. He doesn't expect me to make dinner
9. He is quick to apologize if he thinks he's hurt me
10. He thinks random things are funny
11. He has a fantastic body
12. Especially his butt
13. He doesn't use a hairdryer
14. He's never stolen my candy....that I know of
15. He likes what I cook, except for German Pankcake
16. He types really fast
17. He has a fantastic work ethic
18. He's a good provider
19. He's terribly smart
20. He's the first one up every workday and never misses work
21. He always remembers when I mention I want something and he gets it for me as a surprise
22. He eats quietly
23. He spells really well
24. He loves the kids
25. He plays with the kids and teaches them stuff
26. He loves spending time with the family
27. He doesn't mind going on errands with me
28. He praises me when I brag to him
29. He's always trying to be better
30. He never forgets to pray
31. He knows how to fix anything
32. He knows all manly things, like BBQing
33. He makes the best cookies ever
34. He listens to me when I talk about gardening and couponing
35. He supports me in my goals
36. He kisses me
37. He cuddles me
38. He loves to learn stuff and is inquisitive
39. He is really, really strong
40. He served a mission
41. He holds a temple recommend
42. He will hold the baby during church
43. He doesn't mind when I drive
44. He's sensitive to me
45. He watches his weight
46. He likes to take the kids on errands with him
47. He thinks of fun, silly things to entertain the kids
48. He doesn't drink beer
49. He never yells
50. He appreciates everything I do
51. He dresses well
52. He is tall
53. He lets me do the finances
54. He makes really good scrambled eggs
55. He has a really really good memory
56. He is thrifty
57. He is kind and well-spoken
58. He's an excellent public speaker
59. He opens the door for me
60. He likes to come home for lunch
61. He is not gay
62. He only speaks well of me to others
63. He puts the lid down
64. He's not demeaning if I say something incorrectly
65. He never complains about the house
66. He's easy-going and not easily offended
67. He can do math in his head
68. He laughs at my jokes
69. He plays the piano well
70. He makes beautiful pottery
71. He teaches the kids to play baseball
72. He taught the kids to ride bikes
73. He has beautiful blue eyes


Melanie said...

Only 73 things? Come on Heather!

Just kidding!

What a great guy you have!

Dill Family said...

And most importantly (to your marriage anyway) "he's not gay"... LOL you are a crack up!:)