Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The most exciting things!

Tyler wanted his photo taken by the Christmas tree with his cocoa and toast. We sure need warm things right now. It didn't get above 0 degrees F today! Chilly!

This is my first cheese! It is delicious! It tastes smooth and firm cream cheese. Fantastic melted on crackers!

This is Rachel and a friend dressing up! I just loved the costumes they put together that I had to snap a photo!

Brady LOVES putting on this hat! He put it on, takes it off, over and over and then walks around smiling with it on. He's our true Montana cowboy!


Dorothy said...

I have been anxiously awaiting the cheese report. It looks fantastic!
Kids are adorable as usual.

Grandmary said...

The cheese looks wonderful. I love all the photos and can't believe how cute those 4 teeth are!

Paige said...

How fun :) Hey, I enjoyed your Christmas letter & the super cool stamp!