Saturday, November 7, 2009

The recipe to a happy marriage

Tonight there was a special note on my toothbrush. It began with "Heather, I love you. " and continued with lovely words, which I have to edit or I will blush. Or maybe you will blush. Anyway, that's how my scavenger hunt began. On each very complimentary note was a piece of chocolate. And the notes were all around the house. By the time I came to the jackpot (pictured above in our milk door) I had a load of chocolate and a very happy heart from all the lovely notes from my husband. I was giggling the whole time. This is just the sort of thing he would do while we were dating, and I LOVED it. And I still LOVE it!

This is just one reason why I have the very best husband on earth! He gives me chocolate and compliments.

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Alicia said...

How sweet!!! I just sent you an invite to view my blog! :)