Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunflower field

I painted today. I have been meaning to do this painting for months, and finally it's done! It is an abstract of a sunflower field. Oil on canvas. I used a knife to apply the paint instead of a brush to give a thicker paint effect. Eventually it will be hanging in our living room, but it will take about a year to dry. I'm seriously going to start using acrylics, just to have them dry faster! But, this was fun, fun, fun to do! Thanks to Rex and Theresa for watching the kids while I painted!

Detail: Sunflower field

This is a card I received from my host family in Spain (I studied abroad in 2000, and we still exchange occasional letters). It was the inspiration for my painting.


M said...

Very nice!

Mary said...

I love it. Great job!!

Paige said...

Cool : ) By the way, I was meaning to tell you that the paintings that your mom has in her dining room are awesome!

carol said...

You are so your mother's daughter--and that is very nearly perfection! Congratulations on painting--you and Mary inspire me, but I surely wouldn't post my finished piece! I love your painting and I love the idea that every time you look at it you'll remember your wonderful past--which brings you up to the present! xo
p.s. Your baby boy is darling! I didn't get to see/hold him during your June visit.