Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twirly skirt by Grandma!

These twirly petticoat skirts retail for at least $80, but not when you have a sewing savy Grandma! Thanks for making this awesome skirt for Rachel, mom! She LOVES it! And it's so great to walk around Target with a little princess next to you, strutting all the way!

Rachel twirls!

And twirls! What fun!
Yeah Grandma!!!!!


lefty said...

Nice work, Mary! (I assume it is Mary since you said, "mom"..) If I made that, well it wouldn't look like that, but my point is: there would be a lot of swearing at the machine, I think. The fabric is beautiful and it's so floaty! Dreamy.

Paige said...

Gorgeous. If grandma wants to make one for us, she can feel free!!!!!

Kara said...

How fun! every little girl needs a twirly skirt!