Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scissor skills

Note: This photo has been edited to comply with blogger's anti-pornographic regulations.

I heard some strange snipping sounds coming from the kitchen this evening. Rachel was calmly cutting her Barbie's hair.

"What are you doing, Rachel?"

"I'm cutting my dolly's hair--just like you are going to cut my hair."

I remembered that I had told Rachel yesterday that I was going to cut off all her hair because she cries so much every time I comb it.

"Do you want me to cut your hair?" I had meant it as a horrible threat so she would not cry so much.

"Yes, I want it to be like Madeline's." Madeline is her friend with a cute pixie-cut. Now I am stuck. Should I cut it or not? It would be easier to take care of, but she really has lovely locks.

"Now I need to give it a shower!"

She was done cutting and gave it a shower in the bathroom sink and dried it off with my towel. She was so proud! In fact, she went right on playing and announced to her other toys that Barbie just got back from the Beauty Shop!


Ginger said...

I guess now would be a fine time to fess up--Stacie took the scissors to her own hair when she was about this age. However, Stacie said that she was "playing Mulan". We ended up taking her to a professional to fix her adventure, then we sent in 10 inches of hair to Locks for Love. Personally, I'm glad it was just Barbie. ;)

lefty said...

You know my experience (I assume you've read my post on Barbie's pixy cut) and so I commend you for your calm reaction to the hair cut. At least she didn't save you the hassle of cutting her own hair...I did that when I was three: it did not look good!

M said...

I'm sure glad the condo next to me is empty. I would have just woke them up with my laughter! What a funny photo and story. You are a great Mom - Calm and able to see the comedy in life!!!

Kara said...

Oh, too funny! I recently cut Leonora's hair. She has been asking for it for months and I was really worried she would do it herself if she got the opportunity. I figure that it will grow back and I'd rather cut it myself then have to try to save it after she got ahold of the scissors! Good luck! Rachel's such a cute girl!

Paige said...

Everytime I cut anyones hair I tell Chick that only Mommy and Daddy can cut hair, and she still doesn't get to play with scissors. Sorry Chick, only grownups have the fun.

I cut my barbie's hair a time or two as well. In face, one got a chin-length bob that didn't look too bad--I still have her.

Thanks for the censoring.