Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rachel's 5th Birthday!

Rachel's birthday party was a blast! She is so excited to be 5 years old and kept mentioning how much bigger she looked. Here is Rachel blowing out her birthday candles. Tyler's expression in the background is consistent with his feelings all day: he was very jealous of all the attention Rachel got and cried when she opened presents because there weren't any for him!

The kids first decorated their gift bags. All the children came dressed as super heros or princesses. Well, except Tyler, who insisted on being a pumpkin.
The kids loved the ball-toss game they played for prizes. Please notice Rachel's beautiful princess curls!
The kids right before their treasure (easter egg) hunt. We hid 384 eggs. It was fun to watch them scurry for them! What great entertainment! Happy Birthday, Rachel!


Ande said...

looks like a super fun party. We are having one on thurs for Brennan's 5 bday

lefty said...

You are the funnest. Funnest, really.

You can tell Rachel the first thing I noticed was her hair. It is so full and long now! And the curls are beautiful, nice work.

Happy Birthday, to your five year old! Isn't it great when they notice on their birthday how much taller they are?! I love it.

I think for my 30th in June I will notice my crows feet...they're going to be born soon!

Dill Family said...

too fun!! I love the Tyler face! Tell Rachel Happy Bday from the Dills!

Paige said...

Happy happy birthday, Rachel. I love the hair! And that is too funny about the pumpkin!

What room is that with the stripes? I love them!