Thursday, October 30, 2008


The kids and neighbors started out making mud balls in our garden. It escalated into joyously throwing mud on the shed. As a "punishment" I made them spray and scrub it off. This was probably the happiest punishment they've ever had!


M said...

Soooo Funny! Great 'punishment'. It looks like they are stomping in the mud like grape stompers.

Melanie said...

Are you still in MT? I thought you had snow on the ground a month ago. Did it all leave?

carol said...

Yeah, you are such a meany, Heather! I miss you! Your family is adorable, congrats on Brady. I broke my wrist while we visited son in CA, have an ugly cast. Can Rex fly in and make me a better, more glamorous one--like Rachael's? We hope you love your new digs, but hope you come back to Ald I some day!
Love you!
Carol Christensen

Paige said...

These photos make me feel giddy-- it looks like they are having so much fun for them!